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Your Last Texas Coaching Hires Open Thread

Our resident plane trackers spotted an inbound bird from Oxford, Mississippi, which begs the question: is Mississippi Rebels offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator Mike Markuson on it?

Mike Markuson has been tethered to Houston Nutt since 1993, including Nutt's one-year stint in 1997 at... wait for it... Boise State.  And who was on that 1997 Boise State squad? None other than Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin.

It's either an interesting coincidence, or a possible prelude to what would amount to a Holy Trinity anchoring the offensive staff: Bryan Harsin as QB coach, Mike Markuson as OL coach, and Major Applewhite as RB coach. Two former quarterbacks with young, bright minds, and a veteran offensive line/running game specialist. 

And still, we wait.  Our final open thread of the day.  Announcements appear to be imminent.

UPDATE: Alas, no one of consequence on the plane.  And even for Mack "OR" Brown, that's too many Co-OCs in one place, no?

UPDATE: A new plane to track! This one from Madison, Wisconsin. If Harsin is the OC, as numerous outlets are reporting, Bostad could be your OL coach. Delicious.