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SBNation Blogpoll Top 25: Week 7 Ballot

Wait a minute, so how is it that we're in the seventh week of the season already? Anyway, here's my attempt some college football rankings and I can say that this thing gets a little bit easier to do and presumably more accurate as the weeks go by and more data points enter the equation. Being able to watch some teams like Oregon and Boise State provided some strong perspective about exactly where those teams are right now. Here are my thoughts on this week's ballot:

  • Obviously, the big thing here is the beatdown that took place in the Cotton Bowl this weekend. I ranked Texas a little bit lower than the mainstream polls last week and said that I would be willing to move the Longhorns up if they could compete with Oklahoma. So much for that, and now I'm in general agreement with everyone else that Texas is barely a top-25 team at the moment. As for Oklahoma, the Sooners were obviously extremely impressive, but so were LSU and Alabama, so I can't really justify flipping any of the top four.
  • I moved Oklahoma State ahead of Stanford because the Cowboys are forcing turnovers in bunches and that offense may be even be better than Oklahoma.
  • After watching Boise State dominate a Fresno State team that isn't the same Fresno State that was Boise State before Boise State became Boise State (it made sense in my head), I'm buying on the Broncos now -- that defense is good and the offense hasn't lost a beat with the loss of two receivers to the NFL. I guess you know you're pretty big-time when you can just reload.
  • Dropping Oregon is more of a function of buying Boise than selling the Chip Kelly's group after their own dominating performance. I can understand if some people have a problem with that.
  • Selling on the Gamecocks and Hokies. Can't call it anything more than a hunch.
  • Down towards the bottom of the bracket, I feel like it's a toss up between most of those teams, especially since I haven't yet had a chance to watch them yet. As much as I wish that wasn't the case, the nice thing about a poll like this is that the people who have watched them more than I have can help normalize things. At least that's my hope.
  • I do know that the Aggie secondary is not any good at all, which has to be a huge disappointment for Tim DeRuyter consider that it returned pretty much intact from last season.

Poll after the jump and please leave your thoughts in the comments.