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Texas Football Recruiting, Road Tripping with Bill : Dallas Skyline at Dallas Jesuit

Jake Oliver Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)


In the shadows of the Dallas Galleria, I caught a talent laden game between Dallas Skyline and Dallas Jesuit. Skyline put on a show, but Jesuit had some talented bright spots. More after the jump. 

Much like their Jesuit brothers to the south, Dallas Jesuit and Houston Strake Jesuit have opted to compete with the UIL big boys instead of dominating TAPPS. It's a good sales pitch, attend a top flight college preparatory academy while playing big time Texas 5A football. Dallas Jesuit has built a good program, and were 4-1 before running into the Skyline buzz saw. Skyline routed Jesuit 54-7, but the game was inconsequential as I came to see the recruits. There were too many to name all of them. 

The game has headlined by Skyline studs and Texas commits Thomas Johnson and Peter Jinkens. Peter was in on seemingly every tackle before leaving with a minor injury. Thomas was limited all game with a sprained ankle.

The juniors were also on display for both teams. Skyline boasts Rivals 2013 LSR top 30 recruits WR Ra'Shaad Samples , DB Will Barrow and 5 other players in the LSR 100. Not to be out done, Jesuit features 3 juniors in the LSR top 60 in WR Jake Oliver, OT J.J. Gustafson and LB Jordan Mastrogiovanni

Additionally, Skyline has one of the top sophomores in the country in shut down corner Cedric Collins. Collins clung to Jake Oliver like a cheap suit all game. 

2013 Skyline QB Devante Kincade was the surprise of the game for me. Kincade is known as an excellent runner, but his passing impressed me against Jesuit. He went 11-14 for 221 yards, 1 passing TD and 2 rushing TDs. Jesuit was unable to defend the junior quarterback on the ground or through the air. He should see his stock go up when the new rankings come out after the season. Swoopes and Barrett seem to be Texas' focus at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me if Kincade gets an evaluation from Harsin. 

Skyline rushed for 337 yards averaging over 10 yards a carry. Skyline doesn't have any big names on their offensive line, but they take care of business. This game was never in doubt. Skyline was more physical and their team speed on both sides of the ball was extremely impressive. 

My favorite moment in the game came when Skyline's Ellis Onic took a punt to the house as time expired in the first half. Onic dropped the ball and ran up the ramp back to the locker room with the rest of his team. It drew a penalty, but you have to like the swagger. Skyline likely won't be challenged again until the playoffs. Setting up possibly epic match - ups with DeSoto and Allen. DeSoto might be the only team in the Metroplex that can match Skyline's team speed. 

Now to the scouting reports: 


2013 Dallas Jesuit WR Jake Oliver, Becca Earhart Photography

Jake Oliver Scouting Report: Oliver's listed height of 6'3'' looks legitimate. As the picture shows, Oliver is well developed kid that has spent some time in the weight room. He doesn't get pushed around out there. He uses his strength, body, football IQ and route running skills to get open. The concern with Oliver is his speed. It looked like he improved his speed over the summer. He's never going to be a burner, but I have less concern with him creating separation from DBs. He does have good acceleration and gets to top speed quickly. He can take a slant or screen, plant and get upfield immediately. I didn't see any wasted motions, he's very efficient. 

What I like best about Oliver is that he uses his body very well. If Oliver has inside position, he can use his side to screen defenders. He's a very tough match up for smaller DBs, if he has inside position, it's over with. He also catches the ball at it's highest point, making him nearly unstoppable on jump balls. 

Oliver drew a very tough match - up in Cedric Collins and the Skyline defense. Skyline bracketed Oliver early, but later left Collins alone on an island against him. Collins also understands positioning and had the speed to stay with Oliver all night. Oliver rarely got separation on passes down the field. He was held to 4 catches for 20 yards. He had a chance for a touchdown on 4th and goal in the first quarter, but Collins slapped it away. 

Despite his poor production against Skyline, my opinion on Oliver remains unchanged. He's the most complete WR in the 2013 class. Jake Oliver is the top junior WR on Coach Wyatt's board. On the season Oliver has 62 catches,847 yards and 9 TDs. 



2013 Dallas Jesuit OT J.J. Gustafson (#77) in action, Becca Earhart Photography

J.J. Gustafson scouting reporting: Another Jesuit stud with Aggie ties. Gustafson looked to be 6'5" 250-260 and not carrying an ounce of bad weight. He has a good, long, frame that you look for in an offensive tackle. He more than held his own against a very talented Skyline defensive line. He didn't give up a sack against a Skyline team that lived in Jesuit's backfield. Skyline got tremendous pressure on Jesuit's QB, but J.J. did his job. 

I really liked his feet. He moves his feet well in pass protection, the speedy Skyline defenders couldn't get around him. I saw the skills that allowed him to show out at the Texas Summer Camp back in June. He is technically sound, quick and proficient in all areas. I didn't see him much in the running game, but he uses his leverage well and gets a good push. He uses his hands well. When he gets his hands inside the defenders' pads, he's so strong that he's going to win almost every battle. Upper body strength isn't a problem with him. He needs to fill out his frame, but he's as strong as an ox. 

Gustafson should get a good, long look from Texas.  There's some smoke that Texas might favor Jake Raulerson as a DE, so an OT spot could open up. I like Gustafson's athleticism better than Ja'Braylin Thomas'. A'Shawn Robinson, Kent Perkins and Gustafson are my top 3 OTs in a loaded 2013 class. 



2013 Dallas Jesuit LB Jordan Mastrogiovanni, Becca Earhart Photography

Jordan Mastrogiovanni scouting report: In a last name right up there with Pappageorgio, Mastrogiovanni has become a stand out MLB at Dallas Jesuit. He has flown under the radar due to a season ending arm injury during his sophomore year, but OU and TAMU are now all over the young man. 

I really like his frame. He has worked hard in the weight room and is beginning to fill out his 6'2'' frame. I don't buy that he's playing at his listed 230, but he could easily be a lean 220. His frame isn't maxed at all. He's a big kid manning the middle for the Jesuit defense. He had a quiet night, but Jesuit's DL didn't do him any favors. He was able to make a couple third down stops to get his defense off the field. He looks quick enough to drop back in coverage on passing downs, but I think he run defense will be his strength. 

He grew up a Sooners fan and is drawing serious interest from OU and TAMU. I think he could play at 250 pounds at the next level, and he possess the prototypical size for a BCS MLB. I think the runner up of the Brett Wade sweepstakes will make a hard run at Mastrogiovanni. He's more of a projection than an established recruit right now, but I think that will change when more film is available. 



2012 Dallas Skyline WR Thomas Johnson, Becca Earhart Photography

Thomas Johnson scouting report:  Johnson had a sprained ankle and played sparingly for Skyline. He sat out the entire second half after the game was no longer in doubt. 

He should be an immediate contributor at Texas. Recruits fast and shifty enough to play slot, and also big and strong enough to play outside are rare at wide receiver. 



2012 Dallas Skyline LB Peter Jinkens (#7), Becca Earhart Photography

Peter Jinkens scouting report: Jinkens left the game during the third quarter with a minor injury, and didn't return largely due to the score. I'll buy he is his listed 6'1'' 200 pounds. He is well known as a quick metabolism guy, but I think he can put on good weight in a college nutrition and weight program. I could see him playing at about 225 as an upperclassman. 

Weight concerns aside, Texas is getting a good one. Jinkens wore a do rag like Deion "Primetime" Sanders and he wore the playmaker label well.  Before he left with an injury, it seemed as if he was in on every tackle. Great recovery and closing speed, flies to the football. He heard his name called all night. I was very impressed with his open field tackling. He prevented several long gains. I liked his speed coming off the edge as a pass rusher. I didn't see him get a sack, but he had some hurries and got into the backfield at will. 

He had 2 carries for 44 yards, including a long 42 yard run that set the tone early. I saw a sudden, fast athlete in Jinkens. He's better suited for linebacker, but he is Skyline's best running back. He is a tackling machine. 

It's easy to see a lot of Corey Nelson in Jinkens, but I also see some Travis Lewis. I know a lot of people aren't in love with Jinkens' size, but he is a disruptive defender. I think he should be redshirted, but he might force his way into special teams action early. 



2014 Dallas Skyline CB Cedric Collins, Becca Earhart Photography 

Cedric Collins scouting report: There were many Division 1 recruits in this game. There were also a couple Texas commits on the field, but Cedric Collins was the recruit I was most excited about seeing. When Rivals has a recruiting page and video of you before your sophomore season, you're a pretty elite recruit. There's been a lot of hype around Collins, and he more than lived up to it. 

Collins drew the tough match - up of Jake Oliver, and was left alone against Oliver on an island for much of the game. You can see by Oliver's numbers how well he was covered by the sophomore phenom. Collins only made one dynamic play all night when he swiped away a touchdown catch from Oliver, but he took away one side of the field and eliminated Jesuit's best player. He is a shut down corner, has all the skills and understands all the little nuisances of playing cornerback. He got inside positioning on Oliver all night, and forced some bad throws due to his close coverage.He was able to stay with Oliver easily on a deep ball that was overthrown. 

He had the strength to jam Oliver and the recovery speed to stay with him. He has a very strong, thick base which gives him a good jarring punch on receivers at the line of scrimmage. He can run with anybody. 

Collins did miss a tackle near the goaline that set up a first and goal. It was a bad form tackle where he dove at the receiver's feet. Easily correctable, and he made up for it with a pass deflection in the endzone. I would have liked to see his balls skills on passes, but he was rarely thrown at. Collins didn't field a punt or kick off for Skyline. 

Collins listed height of 5'10" and weight of 170 pounds both looked accurate. If he can grow to 6 feet, he will likely be the top ranked corner in the country as a senior. Must get for Texas. Thank goodness Skyline is a pipeline school. 


Will Barrows Highlights (via 247SportsStudio)

Will Barrows scouting report: I don't have a picture of Barrows available so I posted his sophomore film. I expected to see him at cornerback for Skyline, but he played most of the game at nickel / free safety. Barrows looks like stronger and bigger than he did as a sophomore. He put in work over the summer. He looked to be about 5'10" or just under it and about 170 pounds. 

I liked how Barrows mixed it up on run plays and he is a sure tackler. He helped out early in bracketing Oliver, before Collins was on him alone in man coverage. He played a solid game and didn't let anything behind him. He looks like a fluid, quicker than fast athlete. He has excellent ball skills and is a good open field tackler.  There was a pass thrown in the flat, and Barrows closed very quickly to deliver a blow and make the tackle. 

His speed could be an issue. I'm not sure if it's scheme, depth or concerns about his speed, but Barrows has been moved to from corner to safety as a junior. The in state 2013 class isn't very deep at DB after Antwuan Davis. I'm not sure if Barrows is large enough to play safety, or if he's fast enough to be a corner at Texas. He is talented and scrappy though. It's difficult for me to call Barrows a take at this time. 



2013 Dallas Skyline WR Ra'Shaad Samples (# 10), Becca Earhart Photography

Ra'Shaad Samples scouting report: He definitely doesn't pass the eye ball test. He looks to be right at 5'10'' if not a little under that. He's definitely not 170 pounds. He has very skinny legs and is slightly built. The listed 4.53 40 looks legit. He definitely passes the production test. Samples exploded for 9 catches for 181 yards and 1 TD on Jesuit. The TD came on a short pass from Kincade that Samples housed for a 92 yard touchdown. Once he was in the open field, he was gone. I wouldn't call it break way speed, he's plenty fast. Samples has 25 catches for 561 yards and 5 TDs on the season. He is unquestionably Kincade's go to receiver when Thomas Johnson is dinged. 

What jumped out at me about Samples was his sure hands. He did have one drop that would have probably been a touchdown, but he was an explosive safety blanket for Kincade all night. He will secure the catch and then attempts to make a play which he usually does. He has some wiggle on his juke moves and changes directions quickly. He lined up outside, but every target was a pass underneath. He is a true slot receiver, he's definitely not big enough to play outside. His father is Skyline Head Coach Reginald Samples. I'm hoping for a growth spurt for the young man. 

Samples holds offers from Texas Tech, KSU, KU, U of H, California, and SMU, but he is Texas good? He is going to be a tough evaluation for Coach Wyatt. He might be the type of player that lets his film, not his measurables do the talking for him. In an interview with Recruitocosm, Samples stated that Mack wanted him at the First Junior Day. Could be a Mack - coach's son special, but Skyline and DeSoto are Texas' two most important pipeline schools. I'll say this his production is excellent, but I have serious concerns about his build. 


It was a great game to see recruits, but the score reflected Skyline's dominance as a team over Jesuit. After the Big 3, Jesuit doesn't have much talent. Jesuit has excellent fans and a vast majority of them stayed for the entire game despite being blown out. 

I'll leave you with one final nugget. On my way out I made eye contact with Thomas Johnson on the Skyline sideline, I threw up the Hook 'Em and Thomas smiled and also threw up the Hook 'Em. A very cool moment, and further validation for actually attending recruits' games in person. 

Look for Round 3 of the 2013 My Guys series soon. I'll have some recruiting notes and a Texas High School Football preview for y'all on Friday. 

Hook 'Em.