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SBNation Blogpoll Top 25: Week 8 Ballot

Another week in the books. An interesting week even though the college football slate was not overly enticing, as the BCS Standings debuted this season for the first time, adding the insight of the computers into this whole equation, for whatever that is worth. On to some overall thoughts:

  • LSU didn't exactly roar out of the gates against a Tennessee squad with lil Simms at quarterback, but racked up enough style points to stay ahead of Alabama this week. The Sooners are still sitting in third place after missing an opportunity to earn some style points of their own against hapless Kansas. And yes, I'm at a loss at how to differentiate these teams except for style points. It sucks, but I'm taking suggestions.
  • I'm not entirely sure that I was convinced by Oklahoma State this weekend in the Cowboys win over Texas. Giving Boise State the bump because they keep on rolling.
  • Along with everyone else, I fully expect Clemson to do the most Clemson thing ever and drop a game the Tigers should win -- which would have happened this weekend had a monster comeback not bailed out Dabo and company -- but until then, they stay were they are.
  • The rest of the top 25 is basically about dropping the teams that lost if I felt like they were exposed in some way -- Michigan, holla! -- but otherwise I wasn't overly interested in punishing teams for a tough loss. Because of that and on the strength of favorable computer results, the Longhorns stay in the top 25.