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BON Tailgate Saturday - Game Day Thread

UT White Squad at Mt Bonnell - <em>Courtesy of Texas Spirit Program</em>
UT White Squad at Mt Bonnell - Courtesy of Texas Spirit Program

Join in so we can have a real good time and drink lot's of Dr. Pepper.  Ok, I overplayed that hand.  Even though your Texas Longhorns get a chance to catch their breath today with a second bye week, there is plenty of college football to celebrate.

A few games worth mentioning and ones I will keep my eyes on. 

Oklahoma State at Missouri / 11:00 AM (FX/HD) - OSU did not look the part of a #4 BCS ranked team last week against Texas.  Another road game in a very hostile environment.

Wisconsin at Michigan State / 7:00 PM (ESPN/HD) - Leaders v. Legends.  This game is a prelude to the first ever Big 10 football championship.

USC at Notre Dame / 6:30 PM (NBC/HD) - For you traditionalists that don't like fake uni's, it doesn't get any better than this.

Washington at Stanford / 7:00 PM (ABC/HD Regional or ESPN3) - The story here is Andrew Luck's primetime exposure but I'm intrigued with Washington QB Keith Price and his 21 TD to 4 INT ratio. Is this a trap game for Stanford?

We'll be back later for the night game action.

Game day schedule here(Thanks to LSU Football)