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SBNation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 9 Ballot

Down go the Sooners! Down go the Badgers! Finally some movement at the top of the ballot after a mostly uneventful Saturday afternoon turned into a most eventful Saturday evening as both Oklahoma and Wisconsin lost, making their climb back up the poll a difficult task to have any shot at the national championship game. A few thoughts from the week:

  • On the strength of another victory and the love from the computers, I hopped Oklahoma State over Boise State this week.
  • Tough call between Arkansas and Oklahoma. Took the Razorbacks because the Sooners lost their game at home.
  • Texas Tech jumped into the top 25 on the strength of the upset this weekend, but the Red Raiders will have to continue to play well to maintain that spot.

Ballot after the jump. Let me know what you think.