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Big 12 Expansion On Hold, West Virginia In Limbo

Despite a Tuesday report that a Wednesday press conference announcing the move of West Virginia to the Big 12, the Mountaineers now appear to be in limbo after a Tuesday evening announcement that there would be no press conference and Wednesday reports that the Big 12 has put expansion on hold and cancelled plans to visit Morgantown.

Part of the delay may be in waiting for Missouri to finally make a move, but it also appears that there is some division among members of the Big 12 about whether to invite Louisville or West Virginia, with Texas Tech coach Tommy Tubberville taking to the airwaves in Dallas in support of Louisville because of the travel difficulties in getting to Morgantown and Kirk Bohls tweeting that the Sooners also prefer the Cardinals. Meanwhile, basketball coach Rick Pitino is campaigning for the Big East to add schools amidst reports that Louisville is lobbying hard behind the scenes for an invitation to the Big 12.

Moving beyond the absolute shock that the Big 12 is divided about something, make sure to keep in mind the first rule of conference realignment -- everything could change in a second. Stay tuned, as this is far from over.