Places to watch the Texas VS. Kansas on the LHN in Houston, TX

So, I have been searching for a place to watch the Texas VS. Kansas game in Houston for weeks now. I got a tip that somebody had watched the Texas VS. Rice game at a little wine bar in a shopping center in Cinco Ranch out by Katy, TX. The shopping center is called La Centerra at Cinco Ranch. More after the jump.

So I went to investigate. I had a little trouble finding the wine bar. But when I was pointed in the right direction by a very nice passer-by. I came into view of Otto's Deluxe Grille. I decided to just go in there to ask. I don't know about y'all but I would rather watch a football game in a BBQ joint than a wine bar. Not knocking on wine bars. Just not my style. So I walked in and was greeted by the great smell of Texas BBQ, 4 TVs right in my face, and a lovely hostess that already knew what I was there for. She said that she was told to get her manager every time that someone asked about the LHN. So Jennifer, the manager, came out and explained the whole thing. She said they do not reserve tables and there is a $50 minimum per person. One down fall is that they don't serve liquor. But they do however serve beer and wine. Good enough for me. Here is the link to their website that has a map and everything of how to get there.      The manager's name is Jennifer Leland. You can go on the website for directions and contact info. Call Jennifer for any questions. She will be there on Saturday all day. So remember, Come early, stay late, and wear Burnt Orange!!!! And if anyone was wondering, I never made it to the wine bar to confirm the tip. But it is right behind the Otto's. You can check that out too if you want. I don't recall the name of it but there is a grape on the sign. Thanks for checking it out guys. See y'all there. I will be the one in Burnt Orange. HOOK'EM HORNS!!!!!

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