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Texas vs Kansas on Longhorn Network: Where To Watch The Game On TV In Austin

Unless you're a Grande Communications subscriber, you won't be able to get today's Texas vs Kansas game on television, which is being carried on the Longhorn Network.  There are, however, a number of spots around town where you can watch today's game.

First of all, there will be two Longhorn Network big viewing screens on campus.  The Longhorn Network will be broadcast on a huge screen at the northeast corner of Trinity and 15th Street.  There will be another one in Lot 70, just southeast of the stadium (next to the soccer stadium).

There are also a number of bars and restaurants that are broadcasting the game.  These are the ones I know of:

Posse East (2900 Duval)

The Tavern (12th and Lamar)

The Ranch (710 W. 6th Street)

Trudy's (409 W 30th Street)

Tailgatorz (2828 Rio Grande)

El Chile Cafe (1917 Manor Road)

Abels on the Lake (3825 Lake Austin Blvd)

Feel free to use this thread to share other locations you know of here in Austin, as well as other cities in Texas like Dallas and Houston.  I suspect that by this time next year the big cable providers will have picked up the Longhorn Network, but in the meantime, fans will have to scramble a bit. (Actually, there's already a thread for where to watch in Houston.)