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SBNation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 10 Ballot

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Well, after Week 8 included some major upsets at the top of the poll, Week 9 was all about loses in the middle, as Wisconsin, Clemson, Michigan State, and Texas A&M all lost, further throwing into confusion the second half of this ballot.

Some thoughts:

  • The Sooners jump the Razorbacks this week on the strength of the bludgeoning of Kansas State and Arkansas needing another fourth-quarter comeback to beat SEC lightweight Vanderbilt.
  • A lot of people out there probably predicted the Clemson loss, but the fall for Dabo's club was not far, as I remain unconvinced about most of the teams behind them.
  • Speaking of those other teams, this ballot now basically feels like a toss-up for virtually all the teams once it gets out of the top 10.
  • So, Aggies, how is that dreams season going? Oh yeah, not so great? Oh, that's too bad. Really, I'm full of sympathy. Really.