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Reports: TCU Invited to Big 12, Will Accept

With the future of Missouri in the Big 12 still in question, the league began action on Thursday to ensure the long-term stability of the league by voting to extend an invitation to TCU to join the league, according to numerous reports.

The Horned Forgs are slated to join the Big East in 2012, but that looks like it won't happen after the ACC picked up Syracuse and Pittsburgh, leaving the future of that league in as much, if not more, jeopardy than the notoriously unstable Big 12. TCU is expected to accept an invitation if it is extended

Actions reportedly taken earlier in the morning to share Tier 1 and Tier 2 television rights equally and a concession by Texas not to show high school football highlights on the Longhorn Network with an NCAA decision on the matter still pending indicate that the league is achieving some measure of cohesion that will go a long way towards helping it survive.

If TCU does accept and join the conference as anticipated and Missouri stays, should the league stay at 10 teams or expand once again to 12, another divisive issue for the league?