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Texas vs Missouri: 2nd Half Open Thread

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Windy?  Check.

Stack the box?  Check.

Justin Tucker?  Check.

James Franklin?  Check.

Texas Defense?  Close to a check.

Texas Offense?  Injured.  And stumped.

Football Wussification?  Check.  BS call on Vaccaro.

We're hanging tough but only by a thread.  Damn shame about Fozzy and his right knee injury.  He was having such a great senior season.  The old injury bug finally caught up with him.  Hoping he can come back at some point this year but not holding my breath.

Additionally, Keenan Robinson appears to have suffered a right thumb injury and is out.  Speculation is it is broken.

Got to keep it going.  Not out of this thing yet.  Need some points with the wind in 3rd quarter.

Hook 'em Horns and TEXAS FIGHT!