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Texas Gets Trucked By Mizzou - Loses 17-5

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Weird day in Columbia. And even weirder game. First time Texas doesn't score a touchdown in a football game since 2004 against OU. First loss to Mizzou in the Mack Brown era.  With the running back injuries pretty much decimating our offensive output, we needed the passing game to step up in a big way. As we witnessed, there is still a lot of work left to do in this area.

Hat tip to Fozzy Whittaker.  Horns up for him today as the injury appears to be a very severe one to his right knee.  I'm holding out hope but not feeling good about his chances to come back this season.  A great hearted kid and a fan favorite, he will solely be missed.

PB wrote the keys to the game.  The assessment after the jump.

1. Limit Missouri's big play offense.

The 35 yard run by Lawrence after the horrendous penalty against Vaccaro to put Mizzou up 14-3 late in the 2nd quarter was the biggest play of the day. Otherwise the defense played about as well as was needed against a really good Mizzou offense. Defense held Mizzou to 338 yards and 17 points. They came into the game averaging over 500 yards and 35+ points per game. Great, great effort by the defense.

2. Get off to a good start.

Fumble inside the RZ on Mizzou opening drive resulted in a field goal. That qualifies as a good start in my opinion.

3. Make Missouri defend the whole field.

Texas could not do anything offensively to stretch the field with one or two explosives on the day for the Longhorns.

4. Get a complete performance from David Ash.

Tough game for Ash as it was probably too much to ask to put the entire scoring burden on his shoulders. I'm going to reserve judgment on who made the questionable throwing decisions on many 3rd down / 4th down and short plays until I hear from coaches.

5. Avoid mistakes on the margins.

The blocked punt did not result in a touchdown but did put Mizzou up by two 7-point scores. This forced the offense to play a different game in the 2nd half.

All for now. This is your commiseration thread.

Hook ‘em Horns!