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Oklahoma State University - BON Condolences

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On behalf of Burnt Orange Nation, our humblest thoughts and prayers go out to the Oklahoma State University community as they mourn the loss of Women's head basketball coach Kurt Budke and his assistant coach Miranda Serna who were suddenly taken from us in a tragic plane accident. 

We echo the sentiments so eloquently expressed by OSU President Burns Hargis.

"The Oklahoma State family is devastated by this tragedy," OSU President Burns Hargins said in a statement.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Kurt Budke, Miranda Serna and the other victims. Kurt was an exemplary leader and a man of character who had a profound impact on his student-athletes. He was an outstanding coach and a wonderful person. We send our deepest sympathies to his wife, Shelley, and their children, Sara, Alex and Brett."

Please know our hearts ache for Kurt's and Miranda's family and friends along with the players, staff, and students who are so affected by this loss.


BON Editorial Staff