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Kansas State Punches Texas' Ticket 17-13

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UT vs KSU stats
UT vs KSU stats

Not sure how you lose a game with the above stats.  But it happened.  Longhorns certainly had their chances but fell one or two plays here or there on the short end of the stick.

Credit the defensive effort again tonight in keeping the game within reach for the still struggling Texas offense.  They brought the lumber and kept bringing the pressure play after play.  Jackson Jeffcoat and Keenan Robinson especially deserve game balls.

The big negative tonight was no turnovers, save for the blown call by the refs on the punt catch interference call.  But I'm not going to say that call cost us this game.

No we lost because we couldn't score.  Well except for the nice McCoy pass to Blaine Irby.  That was a fantastic play for him to score in that fashion.  Especially given the scary pass play earlier in the game where he got hit in the legs.

Not sure how we manufacture points with this unit going forward.  We have to find a way though with the Lone Star Showdown next week at Aggie.

Have got to keep being positive and support our crew.  Three more games and the season will be over. 

While we lost, we're getting better each game.  Let this be your positive reinforcement thread and please don't burn it down.

Hook 'em Horns!