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Officials 2, Texas 0: Horns Lose Second Straight

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I try my best not to blame the officials too much, but tonight was the second straight absolute travesty of a game, with the officials once again doing everything they could to try and cost Texas a win.  Yes, we had something to do with it, and yes, NC State deserves credit for their impressive second half rally.  But we were also absolutely pounded in the backside by the officials once again, and it's absolutely the biggest reason we leave the Legends Classic with two losses instead of two wins.

NC State was in the bonus... at the 16:09 mark of the second half.  J'Covan Brown's fourth foul?  Absolutely phantom.  No, he shouldn't have barked about it, but he was absolutely right to be pissed.  Complete and utter horseshit.  And for the second straight game, mickey mouse calls on Jonathan Holmes cost us our second most important player and sparked the opposition rally.  I'm not even going to get in to the goaltending ridiculousness.  (To which you might fairly respond: which one?  Good grief, what bullshit.)

I'm too incensed to write anything constructive right now.  We're young and flawed, and it's up to our players to learn how to close out games.

But F those officials, and if Texas never plays in East Rutheford again it'll be too soon.

I'm sick to my stomach.