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SBNation BlogPoll Top 25 Week 13 Ballot

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The story this from last weekend would be BCS chaos, except that what's really going to happen is that LSU and Alabama are on a collision course for a rematch in a game that few people want to see. A game that could set offensive football back about a century. Woof. But that's the result of a handful of top 10 teams losing the same weekend, especially with the choke job in the Big 12 by the Oklahoma schools.

  • Oklahoma State blew a chance to play in the national championship game with the improbable loss to Iowa State. Maybe that Chokelahoma moniker applies to all the schools in the state. And by the way, someone needs to snatch up Paul Rhoads, because he is a heck of a coach. Imagine what he could do with an Auburn-sized payroll.
  • Speaking of choking, Bob Stoops gagged on an RGIII in Baylor Saturday night. Hey, nothing takes the sting out of a hearbreaking Texas loss like Oklahoma losing, right?
  • In further tales of choking, Clemson did the most Clemson thing once again, taking a stomping from North Carolina State. Uh, wha???
  • As always, the bottom of the poll is a muddle of mediocrity that is now reaching towards the top 10 with all these losses.

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