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Texas A&M Hate Week: Kellen Heard Edition

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Perhaps no Aggie is more hated to this day than former defensive tackle Kellen Heard, the giant tub of goo who took one of the most blatant cheap shots in recent history against Colt McCoy well after the play was over in the 2006 loss. Heard was ejected for his actions.

Texas fans may recall that McCoy probably shouldn't have been playing in the game after sustaining a stinger a week and a half before during the Kansas State game and did not have the arm strength to be effective. However, with Jevan Snead having already bailed on the program, McCoy had to gut it out, only to be brutally targeted by Heard.

UT's Colt McCoy Gets Pummeled! (via topsportsvids)

Kellen Heard, you are and forever will be an Enemy of the Nation and a disgusting, loathsome creature. Still not convinced? Take it from an unbiased source that called it "arguably the cheapest shot of 2006".

Of course, to only hate Heard is to forget the proper venom that should head in the direction of former Battalion writer Eric Pederson, who wrote a ridiculously tasteless column glorifying Heard's hit while slobbering all over Stephen McGee.