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EDSBS LIVE Gets Drunk on the Delicious Tears of Aggies

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Texas basketball isn't your only entertainment option tonight. It's Tuesday, which means another edition of EDSBS LIVE, the most outstandingly mediocre college football podcast online. Not mediocre, however: devoting the majority of 90 minutes drinking the intoxicating tears of Aggies. My co-host Spencer was in College Station for A&M's hilariously apt Thanksgiving send off, and I, of course, could tell Aggie jokes until A&M wins an SEC title, which is to say: forever. Needless to say, tonight's episode will feature a coterie of football fans having fun at A&M's expense.

Of related note, Tuesday is also the day for Brian Cook's essential "This Week in Schadenfreude" column over at the mothership. This week's edition is the best of the year, stuffed to the seams with delightfully insane meltdowns, including, of course, contributions from the reliably ridiculous TexAgs forum. Speaking of which, and since it didn't make an appearance in either Spencer or Brian's columns today, I am legally obligated to make sure you are aware of this epic thread: "Who Won Halftime?"

We are all winners for that thread. Thank you, Texas A&M.

If you're not heading to the Erwin Center and don't have the Longhorn Network, do drop by our podcast playground this evening and jump on the forever-spinning merrywheel that is laughing at Aggies. Bear in mind that by Saturday we may be back-to-back losers against Baylor, so join me in spending this week reveling in the fun.

The show gets under way at 7:00 p.m. CT. Listen to the audio here. Join your fellow college football miscreants for the show's live chat here.