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Texas Tech vs Texas: 2nd Half Open Thread

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No more bubble screens.



Again, no more bubble screens.

Mack Brown wanted a downhill running game. Greg Davis could not deliver. In comes Harsin and Applewhite and, well, gives Coach Brown his running game.

Horns rolling over the Raiders with an impressive ground attack with 179 yards in the second quarter.

David Ash - sweet 47 yard delay draw

Joe Bergeron - tough running between the tackles and a sprint through their second level for 51 yards

Fozzy Whittaker - two touchdowns and running like an NFL level running back out of the Wild with 47 total yards

Oh, and the signs of a passing game showing as Ash to Davis downfield a couple of 2-3 times with one big connection.

Defensively, the Horns gave up a 7:00 drive to start the game but stiffened when it mattered. The Sacking Machine party is up and going. And how about the big 4th down stop by Jeffcoat to end the first half. Oh my.

Don't let down your guard, though. Doege can strike like a cobra. He has lots of weapons.


Hook ‘em Horns!