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Explosions Of Joy

In case you missed it, undefeated Indiana took undefeated and No. 1 ranked Kentucky down to the wire tonight, trailing by two points with 5.6 seconds to go...

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. There is literally nothing quite like the experience of an explosion of joy when the team you live and die with wins a game on its final chance.

Everyone reading this will never forget where they were when Vince Young scored on 4th and 5. Those who were in Pasadena know exactly what it feels like to experience a moment like that with tens of thousands of other fans. And though this win in Bloomington meant far less, don't bother trying to tell me that this game didn't matter.

Just look at Assembly Hall explode. What a moment. My favorite part is that unrestrained explosion of the Indiana crowd. But a close second has to be the look on Tom Crean's face. He looks positively disgusted. Like it's utterly ridiculous to believe something like that could even happen.

I love every part of it, even from afar.

Long live sports.