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Cal-Texas: Marvin Jones Can Levitate, Yo

Sophomore wide receiver Keenan Allen may receive most of the attention for his headline-grabbing play this season and the fact that the starting quarterback is his brother, but senior Marvin Jones is just as big and athletic as Allen at 6-3, 200 pounds.

Plus, as you might notice from the picture above, Jones has some sick ability to elevate. Talk about high-pointing the football. It's also worth mentioning here that Jones also had the body control to make sure his foot came down in-bounds here despite being pushed by the defensive back.

Though Jones has dealt with injuries throughout his career, he led Cal in receiving in both 2009 and 2010, with similar production in 2011 even with Allen stepping into the leading role in the receiving corps. During the regular season, Jones had 54 catches for 758 yards and three touchdowns from his split end position.

Given his leaping ability, Jones will be a tough match-up for sophomore cornerback Carrington Byndom, who will likely draw the assignment. In an effort to get the proper numbers against the Golden Bear rushing attack to keep Maynard from picking up yardage in chunks on the zone read or speed option may keep the Longhorns from giving Byndom safety help over the top.

And if he does end up on an island, Maynard showed the willingness and ability against Stanford to find the one-on-one matchups and throw accurate touch passes to take advantage. In fact, Maynard is probably at his best when throwing passes that require touch rather than the out routes that require more arm strength.

If Maynard can put the ball where only Jones can catch it, as he did on the pass shown above, there will be virtually nothing that Byndom can do to stop it. But when Maynard doesn't, the Longhorns will need Byndom to make some plays against a guy who will probably be playing in the NFL next season at this time.