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Kevin Durant Hits Game-Winning Three From Somewhere Near Tulsa

So, apparently Kevin Durant > Vince Carter. Now, that might not exactly seem like a revelation given Carter's, ahem, reputation, but the cold-blooded former Longhorn made it clearer than ever on Thursday evening. While the Baylor Bears were busy running through, around, other, under, and across Washington, Durant decided to steal what had just set up as a big moment for the artist formerly known as Vinsanity.

Carter took a pass from Dirk Nowitzki and hit a three-pointer with 1.4 seconds remaining that gave Dallas a one-point lead. But Durant took the inbounds pass and without needing to square his shoulders or shoot with any particular balance, nailed the game-winning three pointer to secure the victory and grab 30 points on the evening.

Kevin Durant Game Winner Against The Dallas Mavericks (via ps3entertainer)

Since it is the Holiday season, it seems only fitting to note that Durant is the gift to Longhorn basketball fans that just keeps giving. Meanwhile, the Thunder continue to emerge as one of the most exciting teams in the NBA, as long as Russell Westbrook doesn't ruin things.