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Happy New Year, Burnt Orange Nation

It wasn't a banner year for Texas Longhorns athletics, but it sure was fun to talk about it all with you here at Burnt Orange Nation. The site continued to grow, accumulating some 4 millions visits and 9 million page views over the course of the year.

Above all else -- thanks to all of you for reading and participating in this community. It takes a lot of work to produce substantive content 365 days a year, but it remains fun, enlightening, and rewarding to do so because of you. Thank you for your support and many contributions, both on the site and off.

A huge personal thanks, as well, to my incredible co-authors, who have really been the ones that have elevated this site to the next level. Special thanks goes to my co-editor Ghost of Big Roy, who somehow just continues to get better and better, and has in many ways become the anchor of this blog. I'm proud to call him a friend and colleague. Please join me in thanking all the BON contributors who made 2011 such a fun and enlightening year, from Reggieball and his wonderfully insightful hoops posts, to Dimecoverage and her countless news round ups, to TXStampede and his many welcomed contributions, to the essential baseball coverage from 40AS, to the riotous musings from 54b, and on and on.

Back when we launched this blog seven years ago it was just me and AWiggo shooting off our thoughts. We never had any idea that it would evolve into what it is today, and I remain astounded at how many friends I've made through this community.

Thank you to everyone for another wonderful year. I've never been prouder to be a Texas Longhorn.

Hook 'em, Burnt Orange Nation.