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Bevo's Roundup: Tomorrow is D-Day.

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"I told Rick, if they keep working hard and getting better they can win a national championship," 
Aggie coach Mark Turgeon said

The praise and hype continue.

Bob Knight said it on the ESPN broadcast and after the game A&M coach Mark Turgeron shared what he said to Texas coach Rick Barnes after the game. "I told Rick if they keep improving and stay healthy they can win a national championship. I haven't said that about many teams. I said that about Kansas the year they won it. I've been doing this 24 years and I haven't seen many teams as good as Texas."

It is great to beat the Aggies at home.

“It’s unique here — it’s different than other places,” UT guard Dogus Balbay said. “So it was great to get a ‘W’ in College Station.”

Thanks for the reminder.

Last year at this time, the Texas men's basketball team was in a free fall after opening the season with 17 consecutive victories and reaching No. 1 in the rankings.

The 2010 meltdown did not have an impact on recruiting.

"I have a pretty good idea why they're not losing players," said recruiting analyst Tom Lemming. "It's because Mack's the best in the business. He's the best recruiter I've ever seen for a head coach."

Despite a 5-7 record last season and the departure (in some cases, forced resignations) of six of Brown's nine aides, Texas has had the nation's No. 1 recruiting class since last summer, a class that has had just one decommit.

Even though Christian Westerman chose Auburn, Texas is still No. 2 in the 2011 recruiting standings.

Words fail me.

The Orlando Sentinel has probelms with our network contract.

"A member institution shall not permit a prospective student-athlete or a high school, college preparatory school or two-year college coach to appear, be interviewed or otherwise be involved (in person or via film, audio tape or videotape) on: (a) A radio or television program conducted by the institution's coach; (b) A program in which the institution's coach is participating; or (c) A program for which a member of the institution's athletics staff has been instrumental in arranging for the appearance of the prospective student-athlete or coach or related program material."

Basically, it means that school's can't discuss or publicize any possible recruits. Which means airing a game featuring that student athlete would violate these rules.

It's a gray area, one which Texas doesn't believe will be an issue.

Neither does ESPN which has said that it expects the network will do everything to ensure it follows NCAA rules.

ESPN will not have total access to the Longhorn program.

"We'll give ESPN little nuggets that will make it work, but we won't have them in the huddle," Brown said. "It won't be Hard Knocks."

Brown on the ESPN deal:

He also expressed some brief thoughts on Texas' new network in conjunction with ESPN. "There’s nothing like it in sports, which is just unbelievable," Brown said. "... we’ve got to see how we’re going to use it in football. Do you have your pro day on it? Do you have the offseason on it some days? Do you have a guy that’s going out in the community, whether it’s to the hospital to see sick children? Do you have to get a waiver to put that on national TV? You’ll have some kids that want to work in communications and what a great way for them to so some internships with Longhorn Network and ESPN. So we’re looking at all those possibilities right now, and it’s really exciting for us to have something that no one else has. It will, obviously, be great for recruiting, but we think it’s also something to let people have more behind-the-scenes looks at what we do without giving up everything. So we’ve got to look at what that means and where we go with it."

So much for that head-coach-in-waiting.

Muschamp was going to be Brown's successor as he was deemed the Head Coach in Waiting in 2008. Now that Brown has had experience with a CIW, he doesn't plan to do it again.

"It sends a message that I'm not in it for long and that's a bad message," Brown said. "That's not what we did it for."

Roll Bama Roll was happy to be an integral part of our season meltdown.

Mack Brown is taking his lead from Rick Barnes. MBTF has a transcript of Brown's press conference.


Some more on recruiting


How was that Big 12-2 2006 class of recruits?

What are the worst words a recruit can hear?

It's a shame that doesn't go both ways. Collins Moore of Bob Jones is an example of another side of recruiting, where schools say they have accepted more commitments than scholarships they have to give. What follows is pure spin control: We still love you as a player, but just not until next January.

TCU is keeping up with the big boys in the Big 12-2.

TCU’s football recruiting success in 11 years under coach Gary Patterson has often been characterized as unearthing hidden gems across the state. But the class that’s expected to sign on Wednesday is no secret, receiving unprecedented national acclaim.

This class is rated 25th nationally by TCU only broke into Rivals’ top 50 two years ago, with the first of consecutive classes rated 46th.

ESPN has 10 grueling hours of recruiting coverage tomorrow, starting at 9AM (ET).

Keeping tabs on the enemy. The Land Thieves have set up their own recruiting central. Be sure to check in to watch video of all those Sooner recruits doing their official hand sign.

A Maize N' Brew writer recounts his demise into the black abyss.

As with everything in life there is a limit to how much a sane person can invest themselves in college football recruiting.  I knew I had passed that point when last February I followed a Cover It Live for two hours at my desk during work, awaiting the announcement of Demar Dorsey's college choice.  I spent that time at my desk not just watching the computer screen but agonizing over the lack of information.  I would text friends and use google chat to commiserate with a former college roommate who was doing doing the same thing.

My name is Zach, and I am addicted to the college decisions of 18 year old athletes.

Recruiting gives everyone hope.

Years ago, a former colleague once explained to me the reasons why fans become so excited about professional drafts and college letter of intent days because I didn't have a clue.

``It gives them hope,’’ he said. ``Even fans of the worst teams have reason to hope on these days.’’



ESPN's Outside The Lines has a great report on prescription drug abuse among retired NFL players.

Urban Meyer has found a job.

Meyer, who won two BCS national championships at Florida, will make his debut Wednesday during ESPNU's coverage of national signing day. He will work weekly regular-season games during the season, as well as provide studio analysis on ESPN's "College Football Live" and "College GameDay. "

Everything is bigger in Texas, including football.

"Football, for the lack of a better term, is a way of life in Texas," Brandt says.



And finally...

Hollywood knows Aggie (5:00 mark). This video was posted over at TexAgs along with some comments: makes sense. i mean ESPN and ABC are both owned by the same people

Well, ABC Family is very sip like... effing random is that??? Some sip just had to put that in there.


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