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Jerry Gray Interviewing With Titans

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Surprise, surprise. The Jerry Gray Saga was not resolved on Day 4 with a relatively ambiguous comment by Gray to a group of Texas boosters on Thursday afternoon. Or by equally ambiguous remarks earlier in the day on an Austin radio station by Mack Brown about Gray being excited to be at Texas.

No, the Jerry Gray Saga is now stretching into Day 5 with two reports coming out of NFL circles (here and here) that Gray will interview for the defensive coordinator position with the Titans. And by the way, Gray interviewing with Tennessee was something that neither Gray nor Brown addressed or denied on Thursday. Mike Munchak hasn't given up and it still appears that Gray is the only target right now. Until that changes, this sad saga continues.

The latest breaking news, as of Friday afternoon, is that Gray is in Nashville and was just spotted at the airport being picked up by new head coach Mike Munchak. Since Gray has already reportedly been offered the Titans job at about $1 million dollars a year, this interview is more about Munchak selling Gray on the opportunity. And Gray's presence in Nashville suggests that he's likely ready to consider accepting the job. If he leaves Nashville without becoming the next defensive coordinator with the Titans, it will be a major upset for Texas.

Otherwise, Texas will go into the most important recruiting weekend of the year without a defensive backs coach once again and the coaching search of 2010-11 will take another major turn, perhaps the most damaging turn yet.