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Texas Downs Maryland 8-0, Saturday Open Thread

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Taylor Jungmann threw his first career complete game shutout and freshman Erich Weiss stole the show offensively in a surprise start at 3B. Jungmann gave up five hits and struck out nine while throwing just 95 pitches, and Weiss was 3-3 with 3 RBI in his first Texas appearance. Weiss and fellow freshmen Jacob Felts and Mark Payton combined for five of Texas' nine total hits and six of Texas' eight RBI.

Sam Stafford and Cole Green will be on the mound today as starters for a double header. We'd expect to see Dex Kjerstad and Christian Summers get action at some point this weekend, as Jordan Etier and Tim Maitland (0-8) are officially on notice from these bloggers. Game one starts at noon and game two will start around 3 PMish. Stop by before and after the basketball game.