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Open Thread: Texas Longhorns at Nebraska Cornhuskers

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Game 27: No. 2/3 Texas Longhorns (23-3, 10-0) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (17-8, 5-6)Saturday, February 19, 2011 · 12:45 p.m. CT

Devaney Sports Center (13,595) · Lincoln, NE

TV: Big 12 Network (Listings) · Radio: 1300 AM / 98.1 FM

Previews: TexasSports / LonghornRoadTrip / Barkingcarnival / Statesman: Matt Hill Goes Home

Ken Pom Prediction: 63-56 Texas (65 tempo)

NEB Offense NEB Defense STATS Texas Offense Texas Defense
103.9 (119) 89.2 (14) Efficiency 112.2 (35) 82.0 (1)
52.0 (60) 44.5 (20) eFG% 51.4 (77) 39.9 (1)
20.5 (191) 20.9 (137) TO% 18.0 (44) 19.5 (222)
28.4 (293) 26.3 (5) OR% 36.4 (40) 29.6 (66)
34.8 (246) 33.2 (82) FTRate 44.9 (40) 29.6 (35)

Very quick keys after the jump...

1. Speed up the Pace--Doc Sadler would love for this to be a slow-down, 60 of fewer possession game. If Texas allows this game to be played exclusively in the half court, the Longhorns will be playing right into Nebraska's wheelhouse.

2. Make Shots--This obviously goes without saying in any game but is even more important on the road and especially today. While the Huskers are solid defensively, they are not going to outscore the Horns if Texas hits more than 40% from the floor.

3. Win the Offensive Glass--Nebraska has some very interesting rebounding marks. They are among tops in the country in grabbing defensive rebounds (5th nationally) but abysmal snagging offensive glass (293rd nationally). I haven't seen Nebraska play much this year but these numbers correlate with their desired pace of play. Nebraska doesn't want to give up second chance points but also has almost no interest in gettting points in transition. If the Texas frontcourt can challenge the Nebraska bigs on the offensive glass and grab 10 or more offensive rebounds, it's hard to see Texas dropping this one.

Prediction: Nebraska's D is good; Texas's D is off the charts great. Longhorns control the glass on both ends but has to grind out a victory over 40 minutes. Horns 65-60.