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Texas Signing Day Headquarters: Commitment/LOI Open Thread

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For everything you would ever need to know about what's happening on Signing Day, head on over to the mothership, where the fine folks from the FanTake network are helping out today.

9:26 am CST: According to Mack Brown on ESPNU, Jaxon Shipley, Josh Turner, and Joe Bergeron all got their faxes in this morning, which means all 18 should be in, plus the four already on campus.

9:15 am CST: Malcolm Brown is in, now just waiting for the three kids in Austin (Bergeron, Shipley, Turner). Apparently the power is out at the Marriott where they are staying.

8:56 am CST: Desmond Jackson is in.

8:42 am CST: Quincy Russell, who de-committed and then re-committed, is official and so is Sedrick Flowers.

8:34 am CST: Leroy Scott is official.

8:25 am CST: Kendall Thompson is now official. Running out of different ways to report these LOIs coming in. Oh well. 10 in now.

8:18 am CST: Josh Cochran is confirmed.

8:12 am CST: Marcus Hutchins is in.

8:10 am CST: From Brian Perroni on Twitter, AggieYell is reporting that Brandon Alexander is signing with A&M right now.

8:09 am CST: Steve Edmond is in.

8:06 am CST: As the wind howls outside in Austin, OB is reporting that Taylor Doyle is in.

8:01 am CST: Mykkele Thompson is in, Quincy Russell pending in the next few minutes.

7:55 am CST: For the n00bs, here's some FAQs on LOIs from the mothership.

7:50 am CST: Sheroid Evans is in, per his coach via and Orangebloods.

7:30 am CST: Cedric Reed's LOI is in, earlier than expected. You can follow him on Twitter @Cedreed. You can follow me on Twitter @GhostofBigRoy, where I'll track any news as it develops throughout the day.

7:27 am CST: Should also note that David Ash, Quandre Diggs, MJ McFarland, and Chet Moss are already enrolled and on campus.

Consider this your open thread for the LOI as they come in throughout the morning. Garrett Greenlea (per Rivals' Brian Perroni on Twitter) and Miles Onyegbule have already faxed their signatures in. Cedric Reed said on Twitter last night that he won't have his in until around noon, so that's the timetable with him. Many of the DFW schools are cancelled this morning due to weather, but most coaches have reportedly gotten the kids their paperwork and they just have to fax it in from their local FedEx Office.

Also consider this your open thread for any commitments as they happen throughout the day, including Shreveport Evangel's Jermauria Rasco, who will commit at 2 pm CST at this school today. Depending on your report of choice, Rasco is down to LSU and Texas or LSU, Texas, and Florida. Florida State has apparently been eliminated.

Hook 'em and enjoy this 2011 class signing because it is a fantastic group of players and enjoy the content that will be rolling out throughout the day.