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Jermauria Rasco Commits to LSU

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The in-home visit and late push by the Longhorns just wasn't enough to land Shreveport Evangel DE Jermauria Rasco. In a televised press conference, Rasco chose LSU over the Longhorns and Gators, as expected. No live tiger cub either. The loss of Will Muschamp was too much for the Longhorns and even the strong impression made by Mack Brown, Manny Diaz and virtually every coach on the Texas defensive staff couldn't drag Rasco out of Louisiana.

Since it's not a surprise that Rasco didn't commit, it doesn't feel like as big of a loss as Brandon Alexander committing to Texas A&M on Tuesday. With that being said, losing both hurts Texas at the defensive end position, where the Longhorns dearly need some depth. Unfortunately for Manny Diaz and his defensive staff, they're going to have to find a way to cobble together a rotation without the help of either Alexander or Rasco.