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Bevo's Roundup: There went No. 1.

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There was a big celebration in Lincoln

The Horns lost.

"There’s no question Nebraska deserved to win,’’ said Texas coach Rick Barnes, who gave Sadler a postgame bear-hug. "They dominated the second half.’’

The Cornhuskers tried some new stuff and it worked.

"They were not ready for me and Brian on the post," Almeida said. "I don't know when was the last time we've run that offense. We tried it one time, and it worked. The second time it worked. We just kept going with it."

Longhorn Road Trip has a great write-up on the game.


Craig Way is the best.

Taylor Jugmann has a perfect 11-0 in his starts at The Disch.

Texas comes in at No. 2 in the Big 12-2 Conference Preseason Coaches' poll and Rivals has the Horns as a team to watch.

Longhorns have always been built on strong pitching and outstanding defense under Garrido, and this season will be no different. … Green was Big 12 pitcher of year and drafted by Detroit in fourth round last June, but opted to return for senior season with Longhorns. … Jungmann is expected to go even higher than Green, with some projecting him to go within top 10 picks this year with his mid-90s fastball. … Lusson is only true power source, so Longhorns are expected to play lots of station-to-station baseball, as usual, while using bunting and hit-and-runs to score. … Garrido, 72, is Division I career leader in victories, and has won five national titles—two with Texas and three with Cal State Fullerton. Looking to win CWS championship for fifth straight decade.



MBTF interviews freshmen Chet Moss, Quandre Diggs, and David Ash.

We had one bad year and everybody's trying to put us down, but the thing about Texas is we're always going to rebuild and we're always going to be great. I know this program is going up. We're not going to have any more 5-7 years. I'm just excited to be a part of that change. - Quandre Diggs

Jaxon Shipley is ready to break some records.

Mack brown was just napping.

Words to live by:

It seems Charlie Brown’s adversary, Lucy, has asked the following question:  "Charlie Brown, life is like a deck chair on a cruise ship. Passengers open up these canvas deck chairs so they can sit in the sun. Some people place their chairs facing the rear of the ship so they can see where they’ve been. Other people face their chairs forward—they want to see where they are going. On the cruise ship of life, which way is your deck chair facing?" she asks.

Thanksgiving won't be the same.

The Texas-Texas A&M football game, which has traditionally been played on Thanksgiving, may be moved to Dec. 3, a source familiar with the negotiations said.

The Big 12 is considering shifting that game - and also possibly the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game - to the first weekend of December if it needs a big matchup that day to replace the missing conference championship game on ESPN.

The Horns are on Dennis Dodd's spring watch list.

Mack Brown's first losing season in Austin kicked off a makeover that would fill an Oprah show.

There are six new assistants, including two new coordinators. The coach in waiting (Will Muschamp) wouldn't wait around anymore. Change has come so fast and furious that as of Wednesday, Texas still needed a defensive backs coach. Jerry Gray came -- and then went. Meanwhile, Duane Akina went to Arizona and came back. The result is a younger more energetic staff that signals what Muschamp finally figured out -- Brown isn't leaving anytime soon.



Men's Track and Field team signee Ryan Crouser shatters a Texas HS record.

Marquise Goodwin won the long jump competition at the Razorback Invitational.

"To jump 26 (feet) or better indoors, to be ready to jump that far this soon in the season is impressive," track associate head coach Mario Sategna said. "Not just for Marquise, but there have been a lot of great jumpers that have come through here. That's a lot to go on. For him to surpass it this early and surpass it by eight inches plus, it just says how far even Marquise has come along."

Bellmont ruffled some Big 12-2 feathers.

Like Texas, the Sooners' football and basketball programs already garner plenty of national exposure. Oklahoma baseball coach Sunny Golloway said such a network will help the lower-tier sports stay on equal footing with their rivals across the Red River.

"I think it's got a chance to be huge and I'm concerned that I don't want Texas to jump out in front of us on that," he said. "I don't want to be on the road recruiting here in a couple months and some kid says, 'Hey, they've got the Texas Network.' I'm going to come right back, 'We've got the Oklahoma Network,' and I need the program right away to sel l."



At least they have the NIT. The Aggies ended the Pokes hope for a tournament invitation.

The Big 12-2 Network looks at 48 hours in the life a college basketball coach.

Check out Blogging the Bracket and Big 12 Hoops for great analysis from this weekend.



Oklahoma State has filled all their coaching vacancies.

There just isn't enough quality in the conference.

Here is the stark truth of the new-look Big 12. The league can't provide enough quality games to fill its quality time slots. Inventory, they call it, and the Big 12 is sorely lacking.

When the Big 12 lost Nebraska and Colorado, the networks agreed to not lower their payments to the conference. Hope the Big 12 got it in writing.

Even in a season in which half the members can be classified as a marquee team, it's a stretch to find two or three quality games a week to be televised.

The Red Raiders hired TCU's Chad Glasgow as their new defensive coordinator.

Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege is the leader going into spring practice.

On the first day of spring practice, Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege got an endorsement from offensive coordinator Neal Brown.

"He’s definitely ahead," Brown said after Friday’s workout, "and he’s probably not just a little bit ahead. He’s probably a decent margin ahead."


NewsOK has a preview of the Pokes and the Sooners.



OU safety Tony Jefferson has a new song.

Missouri continues to thrive despite the athletic department's small budget.

"We’ve spent on stuff that matters," Earleywine said. "I think when you get an enormous budget like Texas, Oklahoma or Nebraska, it’s easy to become frivolous and really not to pay attention to the little details. Instead, they just throw money around. … I don’t feel like there’s anything in our program that I’d say, ‘Man, if they would give us another $30,000, it would change our program.’ "

In case you care. NewsOK has the NCAA rulebook on duplicate numbers.

At least Mississippi State a sense of humor about the whole Cam Newton affair.

Yes, the NCAA is still investigating Cam Newton and Auburn and Newton continues to make money.

The Packers were not impressed when their coaches told them they would be practicing for the Super Bowl at a local high school.

"The players rolled their eyes at first when I told them where we were going to work," McCarthy said. "I said, ‘Now, just hold on. This is Texas football.’ "

Specifically, this is Highland Park High School’s $4.5 million indoor practice facility, freshly opened in August and on par with the facilities the Pittsburgh Steelers are using over at Texas Christian University. TCU just won the Rose Bowl, of course. Highland Park is still a high school after all.

The NCAA tournament selection process remains the same, but the tournament itself will be different.

All games will be televised to all regions of the country, from start to finish, and the game times will be staggered. Instead of choosing 34 at-large teams, the 10-member selection committee will select 37. Instead of pairing two teams against one another in the opening round, the last four automatic qualifiers and the last four at-large selections will all play one extra game.

Mark Cuban is at it again.

Mark Cuban's mission to create a playoff alternative to the Bowl Championship Series has a name: Radical Football.

Cuban created that company in late December, registering it in Texas on Dec. 28. That was two weeks after the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner said that he was "actively interested but in the exploratory stage" of creating and funding a playoff system to crown a champion for major college football.

KU defensive end DJ Marshall is playing football again.

Tulsa's Wilson Holloway wasn't so lucky.

Cal State Northridge's Michael Lizarraga is an inspiration to a young boy.

"I want to be like Michael,'' Caulfield says, without a hint of irony, failing altogether to realize he's just echoed one of the most famous basketball catchphrases about the world's most famous basketball player to talk about a guy no one has heard of.

To Christopher Caulfield, Michael Lizarraga is Michael Jordan.

He's a superstar, doing things Caulfield never thought possible.

He's living the dream, playing Division I basketball, just like Caulfield always imagines.

And just like Christopher Caulfield, Michael Lizarraga is deaf.

Is a blogger a journalist?


And finally...

194 days as of Sunday.

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