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Bevo's Roundup: Cyclones Up Next

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Iowa State Fred Hoiberg talks about the Texas game.

"They’ve got a team full of pros," Cyclones coach Fred Hoiberg said.

The Cyclone coach is trying to stay positive, even after a nine-game losing streak.

"This is not exactly what we wanted, going down to Texas with them coming off a loss," Hoiberg said lightly at his weekly news conference Monday. "You want to go down there hoping their guard is down a little bit, but I don't think [coach] Rick Barnes will let that happen."

"I can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve had a bad practice,
but what we haven’t done over the past couple weeks is play a whole 40
minutes," Barnes said, almost echoing Hoiberg. "I don’t want to lose a
game, but if that’s what it’s going to take — if we have to go back and
taste the sting of what a loss feels like — then maybe that’s good for

Texas Sports has a preview of the Iowa State game.

A tribute to Cyclone basketball.

Taylor Jungmann was named the Phillips 66 Big 12 Pitcher of the Week.




A storm blew through the Big 12-2 in February.

It started in Manhattan, where Kansas State fans rushed the court after the Wildcats upset No. 1 Kansas.

Then it drifted north to Lincoln, Neb., where the Devaney Center turned into a party pit after the Cornhuskers handed Texas its first Big 12 loss.

Yahoo Sport's Jason King has a Q&A with Nebraska coach Doc Sadler.

Kansas freshman Josh Selby makes an impact, even when he doesn't score.

Saturday’s game was a positive sign, not because of the playground pass to Releford but because of the five assists he racked up, two of which came on lobs in the lane to Markieff Morris for alley-oop dunks. Selby, who is playing at around 85 percent, showed that he can affect the game without scoring.

OSU coach Travis Ford likes the fight in his team.

"Our guys showed fight," Ford said. "If there’s one thing we’ll do, we’ll fight back. We’ll make many mistakes, then fight back. Make mistakes, then fight back. Hard way to play."

Kansas State is one of Sporting News' bubble teams.

By the time the committee gathers March 8 to begin deliberations, K-State might be the most vexing team on the board. The Wildcats’ statement-making victory over Kansas was part of a 4-1 stretch, but they’re not that far removed from losing four of five.


K-State could lock it up by winning three of four, and 2-2 might be enough. That could make the Missouri game huge.

There may be a post-season tournament in OU's future.

The Sooners and Cornhuskers want to continue playing each other in basketball.

The series dates back to 1921 when the two schools were in the Missouri Valley Conference, then the Big Six, Big Seven, Big Eight and Big 12.



Tommy Tuberville will not win any popularity contests with the Raider faculty.

A $500,000-per-year pay raise recently awarded Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville through 2015 has angered some university faculty members, who have been asked to take a pay freeze in 2011.

NewsOK is just sure Nick Saban committed some terrible offense with a recruit from Oklahoma.

Alabama possibly committed an NCAA violation with Sanders at an Alabama basketball game Saturday night. Sanders was making his second visit to Alabama, this time for the school's junior day.

Bedlam may get pushed to early December.

Over the weekend, one Oklahoma official indicated to The Oklahoman that while it's not official, he expected both Bedlam and Texas-Texas A&M to be moved from Thanksgiving week to the first Saturday in December, providing the new look Big 12 with a national television presence when other conferences will be playing out their championship games.



Unsportsmanlike conduct. Fan behavior is getting out of control.

It is extremely important to get the recruit's name right.

In an interview with Dallas radio station 1310 The Ticket, James said that the reason he was turned off by TCU came on his official visit. According to the star tailback, a coach — whom he would not specify — called him "LaMarcus" the entire weekend.

Feeling disrespected, James then turned his attention out of state to the Ducks, and the rest is college football history.

Now, TCU is only left to wonder just how good James could have been in their explosive offense rather than Oregon's.

Mark Titus, The Ohio State University basketball team’s walk-on and blogger, got a book deal.

Is SOS an overrated tool for selection?

Merely playing a challenging schedule, though, says nothing about a team’s accomplishments. It might even suggest the coach is reckless, because playing an overwhelming schedule can harm a team’s development. Would South Florida be better if it hadn’t prepared for the brutal Big East by playing one of the nation’s tougher non-league schedules?

Selecting the NCAA tournament field is tougher than it looks.

How important is the eye test? The answer is in the eye of the beholder.

Thus did we digress at one point into a discussion on the so-called "eye test." If you're comparing teams, at what point should you throw all those RPI numbers aside and simply ask yourself, "I've seen both of these teams play. Who do I think is better?" ESPN's Joe Lunardi made an eloquent argument against it. "Let's say you look at a finely sculpted baseball player who's hitting .220," Lunardi said. "Then you see John Kruk, who doesn't look like he belongs anywhere on the field, and he's hitting .320. Who would you rather have on your team?" In other words, you can have your own opinions based on what you've seen -- and the committee members watch a ton of games -- but at the end of the day a team's results should dictate whether or not it gets a bid.

The Kansas State Collegian lays out the rules for rushing the court.

Rule 1: You have to be underdogs.

Rule 2: You should never rush the court against a conference opponent, unless it is a rival.

Rule 3: Never rush if you are ranked, simple as that. And do not rush unless the opponent you have beaten is in the top five.

Rule 4: It can not be a pre-planned event.

Rule 5: If by an "Act of God" we win, then rushing is necessary.

The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective looks at free throw stats.


And finally...

Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand made his first public appearance.

LeGrand remains paralyzed below the neck. The Avenel, N.J., residentfractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae while making a head-first tackle on a kickoffin the win over Army at New Meadowlands Stadium.

LeGrand has regained movement in his shoulders and is experiencing sensationthroughout his body. He is undergoing rehabilitation at Kessler Institute forRehabilitation in West Orange, N.J.