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Tevin Jackson Cleared To Play At Texas

It's been a long journey for the young man from Garland, Texas. Even though he was enrolled for summer school last June, Jackson was declared ineligible in early September, leaving him unable to practice with the team in the fall. By the spring semester, his situation still was not resolved, holding him out of school once again.

Fortunately for the Longhorns, Jackson stuck with Texas and worked to resolve his academic issues and now his nightmare is over, according to Jason Howell of Orangebloods on his Twitter feed. Jackson, who was one of the top recruits in the 2010 class, will enroll in classes once again in June and begin his Texas football career in the fall.

As Recruitocosm pointed out via Twitter, the first person Jackson tackles in the fall is in for trouble. Jackson, of course, was well known as not only a mean-looking dude, but someone who chafed at the restrictions of not being able to tackle in 7-on-7 and would occasionally comment on how he wanted to kill people once he got on the football field. First guy off the bus, imo.

Missing a year will put Jackson behind a bit in his development and Texas fans can only hope that he's been working out and staying shape. Expecting him to contribute in 2011 at linebacker may be too optimistic, but he could be a strong addition to Texas special teams units and will provide depth at a position that doesn't have a ton of it right now. Fantastic news for both Jackson and the football team.