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Jerry Gray Titans DC Frontrunner, Per Report

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[Update]: Jerry Gray reportedly told an audience at a Longhorn Foundation luncheon today that he is staying at Texas and will not be going to Tennessee. Recruitocosm is also reporting that Gray has been telling people around the program that he is staying, a report that coincides with what Chip Brown has been hearing at Orangebloods all week. --GoBR--

It all started on Monday, when Kirk Bohls broke the story that new Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak could target new Texas defensive backs coach Jerry Gray for the open defensive coordinator position in Nashville.

Consider Gray targeted.

Tuesday, Bobby Burton over at, who is based out of Nashville, no less, reported that Gray had indeed been contacted by Munchak and news emerged later in the day that the Titans had notified Texas of their intentions to speak with Gray.

Now in Day 3 of the saga, TitanInsider is reporting that the job is Gray's for the taking, with the Titans having gone as far as to offer him what is believed to be a three-year contract worth $1 million per, more than twice the salary that Gray would make as the defensive backs coach at Texas. Gray is scheduled to make $425,000 in 2011.

As of this post, there are no new developments on Wednesday afternoon, with Kirk Bohls tweeting minutes ago that things are "still the status quo." And that status quo is basically that Gray appears ready to interview for the job, confirmed further by the absence of any statement from Gray and/or the university that he's willing to stay in Austin and not pursue this opportunity.

As Bohls went on to mention in his tweet, the next 24 hours will be a critical period, as Gray either will or will not decide to interview for the job and if he does interview -- and, once again, that appears to be the case -- then a decision on whether or not he will extend his brief stay in Austin or leave for the Titans should be quickly forthcoming following the interview.

Will the money end up mattering to Gray? Would he pass up the opportunity to finally coach at his alma mater, something he's wanted for years? How much does he want to be an NFL DC again? All these are questions that will ultimately decide Gray's immediate future.

Even if Gray stays, consider this the end of innocence between Texas fans and the new DB coach:

For Texas fans, the euphoria of hiring Gray after the painful departure of the loved and respected Duane Akina replaced the practical considerations of how easy it was going to be to keep him in place. Before Gray has even really gotten settled into his new office on the 40 Acres, roughly three weeks into his job, there's an NFL team that has apparently come calling...If this is a false alarm, the lesson from this story for Texas fans is that Gray may well have to turn down several of these opportunities if he's going to remain a Longhorn position coach for more than a year or two.

Oh yeah, and how happy are you about Jeff Fisher getting fired now, 'Horn fans?