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Texas Longhorns at the NFL Combine

Big Roy provided you with a fantastic preview of the five Longhorns who participated in workouts at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis the past six days.  Let's check in on how Aaron Williams, Sam Acho, Curtis Brown, Chykie Brown, and Kyle Hix are looking as the event wraps up.

NFL Combine results are a little hard to come by while the event is still going on, but below I've filled in the blanks everywhere I was able to find it.  Feel free to update with additional info in the comments.


Name Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Arms
Curtis Brown 6-0 185 4.51 10 39.5 32 1/4

Brown helped himself at the Combine, where he merely ran a decent 40 time, but notched a solid vertical jump and made a number of spectacular catches that had scouts ooh-ing. 


Name Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Arms
Aaron Williams 6-0 204 4.52 18 37.5 31 1/2

Williams ran an acceptable 40 time, but watching him do the various drills, Mike Mayock and Deion Sanders were not kind in their comments, with Sanders describing Williams as "all over the place" and Mayock suggesting that Williams' future might be at free safety.


Name Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Arms
Chykie Brown 5-11 190 4.45 DNP 36.5 33 7/8

Chykie's measurements and drill performances make him an intriguing physical prospect, but as Big Roy noted, "the problem has always been between his ears." No word on how he did with his interviews or the Wonderlic.


Name Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Arms
Sam Acho 6-2 262 4.63 23 37.5 33 1/2

Big Roy wondered whether Sam Acho lacked the height to play defensive end at the highest level, but I don't think it's much of a concern. When I attended the Combine last year Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert talked for a while about how much more important he thought it was to have good leverage to be a strong edge rusher, and that for ends and outside linebackers, he wasn't as concerned about height. Anyway, Acho performed well at the Combine and looks like a likely 2nd or 3rd round pick.


Name Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Arms
Kyle Hix 6-7 318 5.43 -- -- 34 1/4

It's amazing how difficult it is to get NFL Combine results, which makes evaluating players' performances awfully difficult if you're not watching live. In any event, Hix measurements are what we thought they were, but I haven't been able to find how he did in the various drills. I'm told that Hix has a real mean streak, which for his sake hopefully means he performed better in person than his teammate Adam Ulatoski did last year at the Combine, where he was as quiet and passive as a mouse.

Watch NFL Scouting Combine Feb 24 - Mar 1 on NFL Network.