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Texas Spring Football: Mike Davis Creating Separation

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In his meeting with the media on Tuesday, Texas head coach Mack Brown spoke only briefly and didn't mention any specific players. Brown did mention that there is some separation going on at certain positions:

Guys are starting to separate themselves a little bit. We're not going to separate them until after spring break, but right now certain guys are stepping up.

One might even take such separation as the method of developing something like, oh, a pecking order, perhaps?

Pecking orders everywhere!

Right now, there's little question that sophomore wide receiver Mike Davis is the Ruler of the Roost at coach Darrell Wyatt's position.

Mack, name some names. Or just a name.

Right now, [Davis] would be the go-to receiver on our team. He’s really had three great days of practice, not good days. We’ve been impressed.


What sets Davis apart is his willingness to work hard and learn the craft of his position. He practices hard, studies hard, and is successful in the classroom, with a 3.7 GPA. Moreoever, Brown praised his passion for the game and his competitiveness.

It says a lot about the Skyline alum's work ethic and intangibles that a discussion of his positive qualities can go on for so long without mentioning his physical talents. Davis is a gifted athlete who can make defenders miss in the open field and that separation he creates out of his breaks isn't just a result of his polished route running -- it's also a result of his first-step quickness and fluidity.

As the Longhorns look for a playmaker in 2011 at the position, if Davis can maximize his potential -- and there's no question that he's going to do what it takes -- he can be an impact player offensively:

He can be a great player, not just a good player. He’s talented, he can catch, he’s tough, he’s smart. He’s got excellent hands. He runs really good routes.

It might already have happened had Davis not injured his knee during the game against Texas Tech, which kept him out against Oklahoma and slowed him for the rest of the season. Still, Davis managed 47 catches for 478 yards and two touchdowns as a true freshman.

Predicting double the catches may be a bit of a stretch considering the uncertainty at the quarterback position, but double the receiving yards and perhaps even triple the touchdowns? Not out of reach of the sure hands of Mike Davis -- as long as whoever ends up as the starting quarterback can get him the football.

If there is a certainty on offense personnel-wise, it's probably Davis and the fact he'll be the starting quarterback's new best friend whenever that first depth chart at the position is released.

After that, future Texas starter, just get Davis the football. And hope he decides to block someone occasionally.