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Bevo's Roundup: Bad Boys Edition

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Dogus Balbay has started a diary from the Big 12-2 tournament. [Texas Sports]

Baby pictures! Watch the evolution of Jordan Hamilton. [Texas Sports]

Did you know Jordna Hamilton plays the piano? [Houston Chronicle]

Jordan Hamilton spotted the piano from across the room and before long was seated at the bench. He ran his fingers over the keys of the Yamaha baby grand, then banged out a loud, abrupt chord that turned heads across the lower level of the Texas Longhorns' posh team hotel.

"I got a little something," Hamilton said, smiling.

Another Canadian? We better learn the words to O, Canada. [Scout]

The Women's basketball team lost to A&M. [Texas Sports]



We have offensive progress. [MBTF]



Bad Boys

Did Baylor deserve the punishment? [Houston Chronicle]

But when the NCAA needs an example, the NCAA lowers the hammer on Baylor. As Jerry Tarkanian once said, "The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, they put Cleveland State on probation."

NCAA investigators have had Baylor in their cross hairs for awhile as Drew constructed a Top 25 program from nothing by signing star recruit after star recruit.

Baylor's defense is that no one associated with the school gave any preferential treatment to Jones or his family. But the NCAA was already looking into the recruiting of Colombian forward Hanner Perea.

Baylor will appeal Perry Jones' suspension. [ESPN]

"We are profoundly disappointed in the timing and determination in this matter," Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw said in a release from the school. "This outcome appears to be inconsistent with other recent, widely discussed NCAA decisions."

The school's release said Jones had no knowledge of three, 15-day loans between his mother and AAU coach that were provided while Jones was in high school. The loans were repaid in a timely manner, according to interviews conducted by Baylor officials and the NCAA staff.

Get to know Perry. The New York Times did a profile piece on Perry Jones and the world of basketball recruitment. [NY Times]

UConn coach Jim Calhoun won't appeal the NCAA's sanctions. [ESPN]


Seriously. John Calipari is just misunderstood. [SI]

"People try to figure out, Why's he do something? There's an ulterior motive," Calipari says. "They're obsessed. And if you're obsessed, you lose. The great news is, I'm not obsessed with them."

Jim Tressel's excuse just didn't pass the smell test. [SI]

Let's be honest: No one but the most scarlet-and-gray blinded diehard could possibly buy the explanation being given by the coach and his employer for an inexplicable lack of judgment that will cost Tressel at least two games and $250,000. It's thinner than the Buckeyes' depth chart for their first five games next season.

Well, it could have been worse for Tressel. [ESPN]

Never fear, the NCAA has been hard at work despite all the current lawlessness going on. They have decided that if a player's team has been eliminated from a conference tournament, he/she can stay around to watch. [The Bylaw Blog]

It is probably a good thing that this business is located in Oregon. The Ducks may need them soon. [Oregon Live]

Universities increasingly hire outside firms to handle anonymous tips about everything from students cheating on tests to coaches harassing office workers. One of the nation's most prominent ones -- EthicsPoint -- is in Lake Oswego. And it's booming.

The two men charged with stealing the mascot head of ESPN's Lee Corso during the Oregon-Oregon State football game entered into a diversion program Monday. [Gazette Times]

Tennessee's problems start at the door of the AD. [ESPN]

Nineteen minutes after acknowledging on Twitter on Wednesday that the NCAA notice of allegations against his two most visible programs had been made public, Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton attempted to change the subject.

He re-tweeted the news that the Volunteers tennis team moved up from third to second in the final indoor rankings.

Well, let's hear a rousing rendition of "Rocky Top" for that one, Mike! Nothing better to rally the fan base than some tennis glory! How about a parade? You all are fond of naming streets on campus after athletic heroes; why not one for tennis coach Sam Winterbotham?

Ouch. Mel Kiper compared Cam Newton to one-year NFL wonder Akili Smith. [Media Bistro]

Coach Boom channels his inner Mack Brown. Will Muschamp has closed Florida practices to the public. [SI]

And finally...And a bad boys edition would not be complete without a story on everyone's favorite Land Thief. [NewsOK]


GhostofBigRoy created a Twitter list for Longhorn Sports. [Twitter]