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Will Rick Barnes' Tenure at Texas Be Considered a Failure if He Doesn't Ever Win a National Title?

This is a pretty simple question that doesn't require much explanation, but I expect will generate a pretty heated debate between older Texas hoops fans that understand these are the most dominant times of UT basketball history and newer fans that have only seen the last decade or so and have expectations that we will continue to improve.

Is it enough for Rick to recruit top 10 classes every year, consistently put his team in the top 15 in the country, receive a bye every year in the Big 12 tournament, and reach a Final Four twice a decade for the rest of his tenure at a University where football has always and will always rain supreme?

Or, to garner your approval, is he going to have to finally put it together after so many promising years (2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, this year) with a guy like Myck Kabongo leading the Horns to glory and a place among the nation's elite?

Personally, I think Barnes will ultimately be judged on whether he can win the big one. If he wins it, history will be appeased. If he doesn't, he'll always be seen as a good coach that couldn't win the big one (i.e. Eddie Sutton). We simply have too many resources, too much in-state talent, too good of recruiting, and too much prestige as a huge state institution to not finish Barnes' tenure with at least one title.

What do you think? Does Rick need to seal the deal to get your approval?