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Who Are Your Five Guys In Crunch Time?

In the Longhorns' regular season finale, one of the keys to their gutty road win over Baylor was Alexis Wangmene's clutch play in the waning minutes. While for the first 35 minutes of any given game he is unlikely to ever be much more than a role player, he suddenly became (arguably) the most important guy on the floor in crunch time in Waco. He snagged a huge offensive board, but perhaps more importantly he nailed his free throws.

It's been much discussed around these parts that free throws could become this team's downfall in the Big Dance. Tristan Thompson, for all his wonderfulness in general, is not setting the world on fire from the charity stripe and if he is the only big man out there at the end of the ballgame, he becomes an easy target in a situation where Texas needs to hit its foul shots. On the other hand, it certainly seems counter-intuitive for Wingman to be a must-have on the floor when the game is on the line--especially with a largely inept performance yesterday against the Aggies fresh on your mind..

Dogus Balbay presents a similar conundrum. He defends like a wizard and is really the only guard in burnt orange who can consistently beat a frantic late-game full-court press on the dribble. But he's a serious liability on the free throw line. Does he play or sit with the game--and the season--on the line?

So, what say you BONizens? Which five guys do you have in there when Texas has to hit its free throws and hang onto a lead late--or overcome a late deficit--during the Madness? And is it two different groups--i.e., do you want Dogus in there to help with a comeback but not so much to protect a lead? Vice versa?