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Bevo's Roundup: We're No. 4 (Seed)

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.



Actually, Charlie Sheen would have done a better job.

Things didn't go so well against Kansas this time. [AAS]

Texas looked nothing like the team that beat Kansas in Lawrence and everything like a team that had no chance of stopping a Jayhawks onslaught that included six scorers in double figures. Rick Barnes' team probably showed him enough in reaching this final to allay fears that Texas might slip beyond a No. 2 seed, but he can't feel all aglow about the way Texas A&M and Kansas frustrated the Longhorns offensively.

A four seed? Really? [Barking Carnival]

Pat Forde thinks Texas needs to step up in the tournament. [ESPN]

Rick Barnes has coached an awful lot of talent in Austin, but it's been eight years since his one and only Final Four. This team appeared to be a national title contender until some late lapses, then performed well in the Big 12 tourney. Barnes is 19-18 in his career in the NCAA tournament; this team has the capability to improve that uninspiring percentage.

Rick Barnes on the 2011 Longhorns [LA Times]

"We're a good team. We can beat anybody," coach Rick Barnes said.

"There's no doubt in my mind, we'll be a team that no one wants to play.
We're capable on any given night to beat anybody. But we've got to be

The Horns are like a box of chocolates. [Houston Chronicle]

Some nights, these Texas Longhorns seem capable of beating any team in the country. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Other nights, they're slow in transition, soft on the boards and mentally sloppy. You've heard this one before, right?

That's why it's again impossible to know what to expect of these Longhorns, who were rolled by Kansas 85-73 on Saturday in the championship game of the Big 12 tournament.

Lessons were learned in Kansas City. [Texas Sports]

"I don't care if it's a conference game, non-conference game or preseason game, every game means something to me," said sophomore swingman Jordan Hamilton, who led the Longhorns with 21 points and seven rebounds. "For us to come in here and not win is pretty disappointing."

If schools shared the wealth, the 2009 Longhorn team would have spent a lot of time in the Apple store.  [ESPN]

University of Texas football brought in $93.5 million in 2009, with quarterback Colt McCoy leading the Longhorns to the national championship game. Punch the numbers. NFL players get 58 percent of league revenues. If McCoy and his 80 teammates on scholarship were to divvy up that share of the pie, the average cut would be $672,676.

Keep your elbows off the table. You know spring is almost here when the Horns get their annual etiquette lesson. [Texas Sports]



What happens in these meetings? Colorado did not get in. [ESPN]

What the committee would say: "Colorado's nonconference schedule ranked No. 331 in the nation. Without the 10 wins Colorado got against sub-150 RPI teams -- which included plenty of sub-200 and sub-300 teams, too -- the Buffaloes would be 10-13 overall. We like to reward teams for going out and playing teams in the nonconference, even if they don't win. We also really like the RPI, and Colorado's was 66. That might make very little sense to you but makes plenty of sense in the logic-free land we call the committee room. Sorry, but we think UAB's better. Why is everyone yelling at us?"

K-State could ignite at any moment. [Yahoo Sports]

There's no accounting for taste. Dennis Dodds loves Kansas. [CBS Sports]

Enough already. And even more love for Kansas from Dennis Doods. [CBS Sports]

The Jayhawks want more than just Texas. [Yahoo Sports]

Bill Self nominates Billy Gillespie for Red Raider coach. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

Pat Knight ended his career at Tech with dignity. [Yahoo Sports]

The Big 12-2 got absolutely no respect. [Big 12 Hoops]

Enjoy Rodney Dangerfield's musical talents.


Land Thief News

The Big 12-2 had to bail out the Land Thieves. [Hartford Courant]

Oklahoma had a net gain of $9,350 from its Jan.1 date with UConn in the Fiesta Bowl, according to a school official and financial documents submitted to the NCAA.

However, the gain would have been a huge loss had it not been for the Big 12 policy of absorbing much of the cost of unsold tickets. The Big 12 absorbed 10,403 tickets at $1,884,250. The school absorbed 1,530 at $337,080.

Bob Stoops wants to learn some new tricks. [NewsOK]



No one said that they made good decisions. The committee had five, really tough decisions to make. [Yahoo Sports]

It's all about the Big East. The new-look, expanded tournament looks about the same. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

The NCAA selection committee released its newfangled, 68-team draw Sunday and included a whopping 11 teams from the deepest conference in the nation.

Leading the way for the Big East was Pittsburgh, seeded first in the Southeast even though it didn't win a game in the conference's postseason tournament.

The top seeds could dominate the tournament. [Sports Illustrated]

It's a dance party! [Yahoo Sports]

Welcome to America’s Tournament, the annual three-week, 67-game game basketball bonanza that enraptures the country in ways no other sporting even can. No, it isn’t bigger than the Super Bowl. No, it doesn’t have the star power of the NBA Finals.

Instead it is an event so vast, so diverse and so enthralling that it brings an entire country together – big city and small town – rooting for the same improbable upset by kids they don’t know playing for a school they never heard of possibly from a state they forgot existed.

More than just teams are shut out of the NCAA tournament. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Blogging the Bracket has the final S-Curve and bracket for 2011. [Blogging the Bracket]

There is new bromance blooming right before our eyes. [Sports Illustrated]

Charles Barkley has a new job. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

CBS and Turner Sports' new 14-year, $10.8 billion deal to televise the NCAA tournament adds announcers from the NBA broadcasts on TNT to March Madness. And Barkley is mad about how few Division I players, especially African-American men, earn degrees.

"They got $10.8 billion. That's a lot of freakin' money," Barkley told The Associated Press. "The players aren't getting any of it, so clearly somebody is making money. I'm not opposed to people making money, but we do have an obligation, to, like, 'OK, you know what? We're making a (ton) of money. Let's at least make sure these kids get educated.'"

Age discrimination? The NCAA pledges to use younger officials. [Fox Sports]

Selection Sunday from a player's perspective. [New York Times]

68 things to love about March Madness. [Bleacher Report]

The Big Dance could be very, very good for Houston. [Houston Chronicle]


Behind Bars

If they were starters, they would only be suspended for five games. Four Auburn players were dismissed from the team for robbery arrests. [Sports Illustrated]

And dogs hate squirrels. Is this news? Dennis Dodds thinks the NCAA should take a stand against coaches that lie. [CBS Sports]

And more Dennis Dodds on a soapbox. [CBS Sports]

Surprise, surprise. There is a double standard in college sports. [Yahoo Sports]

The media is good at sniffing out potential NCAA violators. [NCAA Bylaw Blog]

It doesn't always pay to be a whistleblower. [CBS Sports]


And finally...

Giving up something for Lent? Here's an idea. [Chicago Tribune]