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Bevo's Roundup: Hump Day News

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All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.



Bulletin board material

Tristan Thompson was infected with March Madness at a young age. [The Globe And Mail]

She remembers her oldest boy sitting mesmerized in front of the television set in her Brampton, Ont., home not long ago, turning to her and saying: “I want to do that Mommy, I want go to one of those big schools, I’m going to play in the NBA, that’s a nice life, Mommy,” she said, laughing now. “Tristan’s a go-getter. If he wants something, he goes and gets it.”

The Women's Basketball team is headed to the NCAA tournament. [AAS]

Mark your calendar. Here's the West Regional schedule. [SBNation Dallas]



Drinking is a problem in Norman. [NewsOK]

Gillispie’s history with drinking problems makes him a risk. Gillispie has been cited for DUI three times in the last decade, though one charge in El Paso was dropped.

That doesn’t sound like someone OU would take a flier on. Doesn’t sound like someone David Boren or Joe Castiglione would turn to.

Having just ten teams sucks. [AAS]

Have to agree with Bill Self when the Kansas coach told me the winning record of next year’s Big 12 regular-season champion "is going to be the worst ever" because of the double round-robin play in which every team plays every other one twice. "A 13-5 record might win the league."

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson plays on. [Yahoo Sports]

Everyone say awwwwww. [ESPN]

Baylor didn't get an NIT invitation and chose not to play in the CBI, which has only one team from a power six conference in the field (Oregon).

The Bears went from an Elite Eight appearance last season to nothing this postseason.


Congrats are in order. The Pokes beat the really smart kids. [Cowboys Ride For Free]

If a basketball coach doesn't mind being the second sport, then he is a good fit at OU. Or Texas. Or Florida. [NewsOK]



Here's a primer on who you should be rooting for. [SBNation]

March Madness just isn't what it used to be. [ESPN]

The tournament bubble is an emotional ride. [ESPN]

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of in-your-face news and media, of message boards and blogs and Twitter, the scrutiny has quadrupled. Last four in and first four out are part of the hoops nomenclature, and bubble talk is so omnipresent it is like a chronically changing judgment day.

For the fans and outsiders among us, it's all fun. You gather your statistics and argue. You toss up blind résumés and try to guess who is who. The worst consequence is your team is out and you watch the tournament anyway.

But for the ultimate insiders, the coaches, there is nothing amusing about the bubble. No one wants to be on it and absolutely no one wants to deal with it. It represents everything a coach despises: a distraction that they can't control.

It's the upsets that make the tournament special. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency finds that the use of performance-enhancing drugs as the most serious problem facing sports today. [ESPN]

Luckily for the people who are trying their best to screw it up, college basketball, like professional football, is bulletproof. No amount of bungling, apparently, will make the NCAA men's basketball tournament anything less than irresistible. They can put the wrong teams in (VCU, UAB, USC, Illinois) and keep the right teams out (Virginia Tech, Colorado, Harvard) and the masses keep smiling as they fill out their brackets.

Green beans are the working man's vegetable. Will Muschamp is going blue-collar. [ESPN]

Muschamp said deciding whether his players should eat green beans or English peas at the training table even became an issue.

"Some guys want to eat green beans and some want green peas," Muschamp said. "When you choose green beans, those that wanted peas are going to be mad."

No surprise here. Women just handle everything better. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Be careful what you tweet. [Sports Illustrated]


And finally...

I found this on Youtube today. Just a reminder of a glorious, glorious day. Enjoy!