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Baseball Open Thread: Texas Shoots for Series Win

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Texas picked up a win in Game One against KSU last night by the score of 3-0. We should be accustomed to Taylor Jungmann's virtuosic performances by now, but you know what? We continue to be legitimately amazed by the kids. Soak it up while you can, BONizens: TJ is coming to a minor league ballpark near you as soon as he throws strike 3 in Omaha.

Jungmann's eight scoreless innings brought his ERA down to an even-more-ridiculous 0.63. Think about that for a minute: the next time he gives up a single run in a nine-inning outing, it will RAISE his earned run average. By a lot.

In other pitching news, it appears Corey Knebel is officially the closer. To be honest, it has appeared that way for awhile but we were unsure whether Sam Stafford would step into that role once Big XII play got underway. It always seemed unlikely, as Stafford is really more of a long-relief guy; still, you hate to make a big declaration and put labels on guys until it's a sure bet. Knebel made it a sure bet tonight with his fifth save on the year, and the freshman will look to build on the legacy of such greats as J. Brent Cox, Huston Street, and Austin Wood for the remainder of the season. No pressure, kiddo.

Jungmann was working from ahead early on, as Jacob Felts came through with one of those clutch hits we were hoping to see in the first inning. Felts deposited a line drive into left center for two RBI with two outs to give Jungmann one more run than he would need. The insurance run came in the seventh, when Mark Payton hit a sac fly to score Tant Shepherd; however, that was a missed opportunity for Texas to blow it open, as Shepherd's was the only run they got in the frame despite starting it off with the bases loaded and no out.

Bringing in those extra runs is less vital with Jungmann on the hill, though, and the Longhorns out-aced the Wildcats last night. Hoby Milner gets the start today against Matt Applegate at 2:00 at the Disch. This will be your open thread, and live video is here.