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Elite Eight Open Thread: San Antonio & Newark

The games start a bit earlier today than they did yesterday. In just five hours, the Final Four will be set. Who will join Connecticut and Butler in Houston? I'll take Kansas and North Carolina. Who you got?

1:20 p.m. CT  | CBS |
1 Kansas (KU -11)
11 Virginia Commonwealth
Southwest Regional  |  San Antonio, TX

4:05 p.m. CT  | CBS |
2 North Carolina
5 Kentucky
(KY -1.5)
East Regional  |  Newark, NJ

Here's a few conflicting stories about Tristan Thompson and the NBA Draft. reported yesterday that Thompson has signed with an agent and is entering the NBA draft. My first reaction is the site got this wrong as earlier in the week there was a mixup between Tristan and a different Thompson of North Texas. The 6-5 senior guard from North Texas has signed with an agent.

Our Tristan's mom reportedly told this morning that the report was incorrect. Mom, Andrea Thompson, said this by phone from Canada:

I didn’t sign anything, We didn’t sign anything. I don’t know where this is coming from. We didn’t talk about anything yet. He’s going to finish this season. We’re just relaxing.”

The deadline for early entries is April 24th. Underclassmen who have not signed with agents may pull out of the draft and return to school up until June 13th. The 2011 NBA Draft is June 23rd.