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Aledo RB Johnathan Gray Down to Texas, TCU, A&M

In a meeting with his family on Wednesday night, Aledo RB Johnathan Gray, one of the top prospects in the entire country, narrowed his college choices down to Texas, TCU, and Texas A&M. As he has done throughout most of the process, already far advanced considering he has yet to finish his junior year of high school, Gray did not name favorites. 

After an early visit for the first Texas Junior Day back in February, Gray was able to spend a significant amount of face time with members of the Texas coaching staff, particularly Major Applewhite. Following the visit, there were rumors that Texas was the runaway leader and even some talk that Gray might be a silent commit to the Longhorns. In recent weeks, the news out of Aledo has been that TCU is gaining ground on Texas.

As a whole, the rumors fall into the category of unsubstantiated, as the family has been careful with their public comments, as Gray's father, former Texas Tech RB James Gray, has handled most of the media attention that goes along with such a high-profile recruitment. The younger Gray plans to make his decision before his senior year begins this fall.