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Question of the Day: Does Mario Edwards Have More Value At DE or DT?

Denton Ryan DE Mario Edwards, Jr. is in the discussion as one of the top 2012 prospects in Texas. The son of former Dallas Cowboys DB Mario Edwards, Sr., the Ryan star is also one of the top Longhorn targets in the class.

Known for his combination of size and speed, as well as an ability to do standing backfips, the concern with Edwards is his weight. When Orangebloods stopped by Ryan on Monday, Edwards weighed in at 288 pounds on his 6-4 frame -- the size of some college defensive tackles.

Edwards has been insistent that he's a defensive end in college and has gone as far as to effectively eliminate teams playing 3-4 defenses from consideration. But if he ends up entering college at around 300 pounds, there's no question that he's going to end up playing inside. So at this point, unless he starts shedding some weight, Edwards looks like a future DT.

The Question of the Day, then, is this: Does Edwards have more value at DE or DT?