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Question of the Day: Should Student Athletes Have Access to Social Media?

Facebook, youtube, twitterverse, blogosphere, texting, iPads, camera many toys, so little time.  Today's world has certainly changed in the last few years.  Information is streamed constantly.  The ability to post a video to an internet exchange is Star Trek type stuff.

So what is an athletic department to do?  Can you ban a student athlete's right to participate in a first amendment activity? Some athletic departments do exactly that.  Most monitor.  Some do so more tightly than others.

There is a definitely a fine line to be drawn as not all who participate socially on the internet have the maturity or wisdom required to handle their business in a positive influencing manner and at the same time understand their actions are a reflection on the institution they represent.  I don't need to rehash recent UT phweeter news to point out that AD's have their hands full in monitoring internet activity of student athletes.

Should athletic administrations ban student athletes from participating in Social Media altogether?  And, is there a compromise solution without breaking the staff budget?

Ponder away, BONizens.