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Baylor Forward Perry Jones Suspended, According to Report

[Update]: Baylor released a statement Wednesday afternoon, saying that Jones has been suspended for a "pre-enrollment amateurism violation/preferential treatment." The amatuerism violation centers around Jones' AAU coach and three loans made to Jones' mother, as well as a trip and tickets to a pre-season NFL game. If what Baylor is saying is true, then the violations would not be considered as institutional, meaning the repercussions will only involve Jones. For now at least. --GoBR--

KEYE TV's Adam Winkler recently tweeted that Baylor freshman forward Perry Jones III will be suspended for tonight's basketball game against Oklahoma.  Meanwhile, a radio station in Kansas City is reporting that Perry Jones' suspension is related to accepting impermissible benefits, and Jason King says Perry Jones is suspended for the rest of the year by the NCAA.

While it may be difficult to imagine that a Scott Drew player would be accepting benefits, in hindsight maybe it was just a wee bit suspicious that John Freaking Wall very nearly decided to spend his lone year of college in Waco, Texas. Come to think of it, it's also a little bit odd that Perry Jones -- widely considered a one-and-done lottery lock -- would go play in Waco.

This is, of course, completely expected, and the question for a long time now has been 'when' not 'if'.  Everything about Scott Drew and his Baylor program has smelled dirty, and there's a reason that Rick Barnes can barely stand to shake the man's hand after games.

In the meantime, Baylor's hugely disappointing season somehow just got worse, and with Perry Jones (14 points and 7 baords per game) suspended, their chances of beating Oklahoma tonight took a hit, while their chances of making a run to the NCAA Tournament with three wins in Kansas City look all but shot. 

When, not if.  And apparently that means: now.

Not a moment too soon.