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SBN's Baseball Nation Launches, Is Awesome

It's all happened so quickly that it's almost hard to believe, but SB Nation has rather quietly become the best online destination for baseball fans.  Don't take my word for it: go check out Baseball Nation, our new hub for MLB, anchored by none other than Rob Neyer.

Also writing there? Ken Tremendous. Not to mention Jason Brannon, Jeff Sullivan, and Carson Cistulli. Plus Grant from McCovey Chronicles -- quite possibly the funniest sports writer alive -- joins the staff next week.  Talk about a freaking All-Star line up.

It's got a ton of great writing and features, including a prospect of the day section, which today features former UT standout Brandon Belt, starting as a rookie for the Giants this year. He launched his first MLB homer last night, by the way.

Anyway, if you love major league baseball, Baseball Nation is the place to be. Fantastic.