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Cory Joseph to NBA Draft, per Toronto Sun, Not Sign with Agent

Yesterday rumors appeared that Texas freshman Tristan Thompson would declare for the NBA draft. As a first round lock and potential lottery pick, the news was not suprising.

Today the Toronto Sun is reporting that fellow Canadian freshman Cory Joseph will also declare for the NBA draft but will not sign with an agent.

Even if true, this author says he returns to the 40 Acres. He may well turn out to be a solid pro but he's not there yet--handle needs to tighen considerably, shot needs to become more consistent, and passing skills must improve.

For those of you scoring at home, next year's team will definitely be without departing seniors Jai Lucas, Matt Hill, Dogus Balbay, and Gary Johnson, almost certainly be without freshman Thompson, likely without sophomore Jordan Hamilton (author's opinion), and possibly without freshman Joseph.