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NFL Draft Rumors: Texas' Aaron Williams A Safety?

The latest NFL Draft rumors regarding Texas defensive back Aaron Williams suggest that his stock may be on the rise because of his perceived ability to play safety at the next level.  Jeff Martin has an excellent article up at the Houston Chornicle detailing Williams' perception among draftniks.  Mostly used as a corner/nickelback while in Austin, Aaron Williams' size, athleticism, versatility, and physical play have NFL Draft scouts considering him a particularly intriguing prospect because of his potential to play safety at the next level -- a particularly valuable evaluation heading into this 2011 NFL Draft, which many scouts see as lacking in top talent at the safety position.

"This is a horrible safety class," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said.

Yet that bodes well for Texas defensive back Aaron Williams. He started 23 games for the Longhorns at cornerback and, at that position, is regarded as the draft's fourth-best prospect.

But as a safety, where his 6-foot, 204-pound frame is a plus, he is considered the crown jewel - or at least the only player who might warrant consideration in the first round.

"I believe he can play safety," said Rob Rang, senior analyst at "Either way, he has a chance to be a force. I think he'd fit in a press-coverage scheme as a corner, or drop and make him a free safety. I like his open-field tackling, size and versatility."

Because of the perception that Williams appears willing to play either position, he is worth more - especially this year.

Only because I can't find the clip of Williams bodyslamming Josh Smith in the end zone:

Williams is a physical player and a gifted athlete.  Aw, hell, I can't not include this highlight, too, can I?

Seems to me Williams would make a fine safety in the NFL, and honestly, I'm rather hoping that my beloved Steelers nab Aaron Williams.  Your thoughts?